Heading north

Sunday morning and time to go. The morning started out nicely. I woke up at 6:58, two minutes before the alarm went off, and actually felt awake. This is something that happens so rarely, that I thought maybe I should go and buy a lottery ticket. But then there were bad news. Rosario called and told us that he’s become ill, and that he can’t go to Sälen with us as planned :'(. We were all very sad about this, but discussed the possibility of him taking a train up there later in the week. We are hoping that he can join us when he feels better.

Kelly and I took our time getting ready (cleaning the car and buying groceries), and left Uppsala a little bit after noon. The drive was uneventful. We stopped to eat at Pizzeria Pronto in Mora, which might be the best food experience I’ve had on the route from Uppsala to Sälen – a trip I’ve made many times with really disappointing food stops, so it’s not the greatest recommendation for the pizza place. But the staff was friendly, it was cheap and we split a pizza that tasted fine.

After the usual picking up of cabin keys at Gumo cabin rental, and ski rentals at Dalskidan, we headed up the mountain. It wasn’t as pretty as other times we’ve been here, when it was all covered in thick, white, clean snow. On the other hand, it was much easier to drive in sunny and dry conditions, rather than in a blizzard.

We are staying in the same cabin we rented last year, in Tandådalen. It’s a really nice place and I was happy to see that it was available to rent. We settled ourselves in, Kelly made a fire in the fireplace, and I cooked us some nice dinner.

My whole food planning is off, now that Rosario isn’t here. We have a lot of food! :-O

Cozy 🙂 


Giving it a try

I usually don’t like when people say that they will try, have tried, or are trying to do something that they will do, have done, or actually are doing. Although I try (ha ha) not to generalize, I feel that this is more common among women (especially successful ones, who will start a lecture by saying “I tried”) and I interpret it as a sign of exaggerated modesty or lack of confidence.

Having said that, I’m going to try to write a blog. And I don’t say “try” out of modesty, I just don’t know if I’ll stick with this or if I’ll stop after five posts. Well, we’ll see how it goes. This is my first ever blog post 🙂