Brand new hotel in Santa Ana

Kelly and I had booked one hotel night next to the John Wayne Airport since our flight departed so early in the morning. We chose the Courtyard Santa Ana Orange County hotel, which was so brand spanking new that it hadn’t even opened when I booked it! It was a bit exciting to be one of the first few guests :). The hotel was gorgeous and the staff was super friendly (they seemed a bit excited too ;)).

Courtyard Santa Ana King guest room

King guest room

Courtyard Santa Ana King guest room

King guest room

Courtyard Santa Ana room decoration


Courtyard Santa Ana view

View from our room

Courtyard Santa Ana bathroom



Last day in Fallbrook

Our last day in Fallbrook was mostly spent packing and driving. Charlotte had taken the day off to spend some time with us, but unfortunately she mainly watched us packing and then we had to take off to go to the airport in Santa Ana. It was still nice to have her around!

We were interrupted by the horrible news that a terrorist attack had taken place in Oslo, with bombing of government buildings in central Oslo and a mass shooting at a youth camp on the island of Utøya. I don’t have words to describe my feelings about that.

Meghan, Harry and Kyle

I thought that this might be the first time I actually publish a post the same day as it happened… then I realized that technically, it’s Friday now… So anyway…

On Thursday, we talked to Meghan again and decided to meet up for lunch at a Greek restaurant in San Marcos called “Mediterranean Cuisine Odessey” – what a short and convenient name. We had a great lunch and did a lot of catching up. Kelly and I wanted to go to the movie theater and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 at 2 o’clock, and Meghan decided to tag along as well.

I love going to the movies in California. It’s usually not crowded when we go (in fact, almost empty), the theaters are huge so that it is 1) easy to find a great seat (no assigned seating) and 2) lots of room where you sit, and you get butter on your popcorn! The movie was great as well :).

Meghan and Kelly at Edwards San Marcos Stadium 18.

The second plan for the day was to meet up with Kyle after he got off work. We met him in Escondido (where he works and lives), and had an insanely large meal at Chili’s. We ate enough for three days. Unfortunately we don’t work like snakes, so we will probably be hungry again tomorrow. That feels unimaginable right now though. Apart from feeling like anacondas, we had a great time with Kyle!

Kyle is a little embarrassed that he’s having two desserts all to himself… What? Us? Nooo… we didn’t have any… *looking innocent*


The Original Pancake House

On Wednesday morning, the plan was to eat breakfast with Meghan at the Original Pancake House in Vista. Meghan was unfortunately not able to make it, but that didn’t stop Kelly and I from going…


We ordered the “Dutch Baby”, a smaller version of the German pancake, and it was truly delicious. Breakfast of champions!

After breakfast, we went hunting for a new suitcase. For some inexplicable reason, we have more stuff to take home than we brought here…

One main feature we were looking for was a color that will stand out among all the other (black) suitcases. Well, I think we found it:

“Is that some sort of floating device?! No! It’s a suitcase!”

A day at the beach

Kelly and I decided that Tuesday was going to be beach day. We drove down to Del Mar, but because it was difficult to find parking, we continued a little farther south to Torrey Pines State Beach. We parked the car and then walked along the beach for about an hour! It was so beautiful with the orange cliffs and the blue ocean. I went in the water and it was actually much warmer than I had expected. We spent an hour on the beach, reading and sunbathing, before we walked all the way back to where we parked the car.




The day ended with burrito and tacos at Chipotle on our way back to Fallbrook :). I love Chipotle!

Helping out

Most of our Monday was spent at Fallbrook FroYo, where we tried to help out as much as we could. Charlotte and Sam are overwhelmed with customers, which is obviously a great thing, but it also means that they have too much to do. I organized (at least parts of) the file cabinet and made a binder with nutritional information; Kelly set up the printer and dealt with the computers. It was awfully hot in the back rooms of the store, but luckily there was also plenty of frozen yogurt to cool us down ;)…

In the afternoon, Kelly and I took the girls with us and went to the house. Apparently I was very tired, because I managed to fall asleep in a chair almost immediately. We were thinking of going to the store, but got completely stuck in front of Hoarders on TV instead. Hoarders is a TV show about people who can’t make themselves throw anything away, no matter how worthless of a thing it is, and it is surprisingly fascinating to watch. Kelly and I spent way too much time on that show this week!

Kelly and Charlotte’s kitty Shadow. Probably watching Hoarders.

Kelly and Taylor trying out the 3D glasses 🙂

Samantha and Shadow, queen of the house…

Shadow likes to sleep on top of things.

A day by the pool

Kelly went down to Fallbrook FroYo on Sunday morning to set up their wireless Internet and Sirius satellite radio. I spent the morning by the pool :). I sat in the sun, read my book, and it was sooo relaxing.

Looks nice, huh? 😉

Kelly picked me up in the afternoon and we went back to the store to get some delicious froyo. Both Charlotte’s and Sam’s feet were suffering from long hours on concrete floors, so Kelly and I went to buy them some Dr Scholl’s massaging gel inserts to put in their shoes. We were very naughty and picked up some burgers from Carl’s Jr too… Then back home to the pool and the hot tub… Around 10 pm Charlotte and Sam came home from the store, and Samantha and Taylor were with them. We didn’t see them yesterday because they were with Holly at a family reunion, and spent the night there.