Leaving Luleå and going out to the archipelago

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

We met up with Fredrik and Veronica in Luleå harbor in the morning. They also have two furry family members, Gordon and Pedro, who greeted us with excitement. We started out with having a cup of tea onboard Alvilda, their sailboat, and made a plan for the day.

Kelly and Fredrik stayed in the harbor to pack the boat with our stuff from the car, put some of their stuff in the car, go to the store and buy a new lamp for the boat, and play with install a new radio. Veronica and I took care of the errands in town: oriental grocery store, pharmacy, Systembolaget and lots of grocery shopping.

Back at the boat, with all our chores done, we enjoyed lunch in the sun. Already at this point, I was certain that this would be an awesome trip. We are in the company of foodies! 😉

After a tasty meal, it was time to sail away. We left Luleå behind us and steered towards Liggskär (according to the charts) or Likskär (according to the sign on the island).

Leaving Luleå. To the right are the yellow and blue icebreakers that keep Swedish harbors open during the winter. To the left you can (just barely) see the cathedral of Luleå sticking up above the other buildings.

Kelly and Fredrik

Veronica and Gordon

Pedro on my lap

When we arrived in Liggskär/Likskär, it was time for dinner (and wine!) so Veronica fired up the barbecue.


We all went out to walk the dogs on the beach. The sunset was amazing, and the full moon even more so.

Chapter 2 of the Hubble Summer Adventure 2017

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

It's time to embark on the next chapter of our trip. We're meeting up with our friends Fredrik and Veronica here in Luleå and are going out with them on their sailboat in the archipelago for a few days. We are (and have been for a while) incredibly excited about this! Since we just bought a sailboat ourselves, we are also hoping to learn a lot from them, as they are very experienced sailors.

Their boat is an Allegro 33 and they have sailed it from the west coast of Sweden all the way up to Bottenviken.

The red point is their starting point and the blue is the current position.

Fredrik has blogged about their transition to life as digital nomads on his blog metallapan.se.

We have a boat!

This week something very exciting happened, something that will bring a whole new type of adventures for the Hubbles – we bought a boat! A surprisingly and unreasonably cheap sailboat from 1976, a Maxi 77. Apparently they made so many, and made them so sturdy, that it became the most sold boat in the world and the second hand market is now full of sellers and not that many buyers. Hence, we get a lot of boat for our money.

We haven't been talking or thinking about getting a boat for that long, but we have a tendency to quickly turn our dreams into reality, once the decision has been made and if it's feasible. Therefore us buying a boat might have been a little bit of a shock to people around us. On Saturday we got a lot of useful tips and advice from an experienced sailor, on Monday I went to the library and borrowed some books about boat life in general and sailing in particular, and we also went and bought some rad life vests, on Tuesday we went and looked at a boat for sale, and on Wednesday July 26th 2017, we bought it!

"Do you know how to sail?", seems to be the question most people want the answer to. (The second most popular being "Are you made of money?", which as I explained above is not the case…) We have taken some sailing lessons – Kelly more than me – so we know some basics which is enough to start with. We also know a few people who sail and who have expressed interest in teaching us. In fact, we were already planning on going with a couple of friends on their sailboat, in August. Our plan is to learn one step at a time and not put ourselves in any situation we cannot handle.

So, without further ado, here's the beauty!

The boat is in Herrängs marina, outside of Hallstavik.

And of course, we had to take it out for a spin!

David and Oscar joined us on our very first trip! We even went for a swim from the boat 🙂 .

The next day, Thursday, we took it out again, by ourselves this time. I learned a lot and became a lot more comfortable with the sailing from just those two times on our own boat. She doesn't have a name, at least not that the seller was aware of, so we will have to come up with something good!