The Strip in Albufeira

This is “the Strip” in Albufeira. I’m sorry, but it’s not really like Las Vegas… šŸ˜‰



Sunny morning at Praia da Oura

After one whole day of rain, which we spent just reading books (so relaxing!), the sun came back in full force and we had a lovely morning on the beach Praia da Oura. We ate breakfast at a nice cafĆ© by the beach and then took a stroll. The weather is not warm enough to go for a swim (well, at least we don’t think so!), but we did dip our toes :).










Hotel TopƔzio

We are staying at Hotel TopĆ”zio, located right across the street from a club which we have heard is the best in town – Kiss club. The club is either closed on Wednesdays, or closed for the season, because we haven’t heard a peep so far. We are also very close to “The Strip” which is Albufeira’s famous nightlife hub.

As you all know, Kelly and I are usually more interested in food than in clubbing, and Hotel TopĆ”zio doesn’t let us down in that regard either. We enjoyed an enormous breakfast this morning. If you are staying at this hotel, pay for the breakfast as it is well worth the money. I won’t show you pictures of our plates because that would be too embarrassing ;). Instead, this is what the hotel looks like:

Hotel TopƔzio

Beach walk and beach dinner

We started our first afternoon in Albufeira with a long walk along the beach, starting at Praia dos Aveiros just by our hotel, and ending up at the main beach in the city, Praia dos Pescadores (Fisherman’s Beach). The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, but it was overcast so I’m waiting to take pictures on a sunnier day ;).

In the evening, we had a wonderful dinner at Restaurant Oceano right by the beach. We sat there for a very long time, watching the beach as darkness came and little lights lit up everywhere, sipping a Portuguese wine… Ahh holiday…

Dinner by the beach ♥