Heraklion and Petousis

Sunday morning we took a cab to the bus station in Rethymnon, and then a bus to Heraklion. It was a beautiful ride with stunning views of the coast, the hills and the valleys. Unfortunately it was also quite long, so my eyes closed every now and then despite the pretty scenery.

Kelly about to border the bus at the KTEL bus station. Rethymnon’s Venetian-era citadel, the Fortezza, in the background.


Taken through the bus window 🙂

Upon arrival in Heraklion, we were met by George and his friends Vaggelis “Vagg” and Giorgos, who were there to pick us up along with a Swedish family (Mette and Anders, and their children Joanna and Amanda) who were also coming for the wedding. They took us to our hotel, Petousis apartments in Ammoudara. I think it’s the only hotel I’ve stayed in, where they keep a crocodile!


Swimming pool and a giant crocodile aquarium!

We got settled into our room, took a siesta, and had dinner in the taverna.



Beach only day

Today we didn’t do much besides hanging out at the beach near our hotel. The only other things were eating, checking buses for tomorrow, and emailing a dive center about going diving next week.

I don’t even have pretty beach pictures to post, because I left my phone at the hotel all day! No Internet or taking photos or Facebooking or all that stuff I normally do. Weird but relaxing ;). Just sunbathing, reading and taking the occasional dip in the Mediterranean.

In the evening we had dinner at the Fat Snail, which I can really recommend! Very good quality of food, and the tastiest moussaka I’ve had anywhere.

The Fat Snail in Rethymnon.

New trip – Rethymnon, Crete, Greece

It’s about time for a new trip, and this time it goes to Crete (Greek: Κρήτη Kríti; [kriti]), the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, and the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The reason for going to Crete is that our friends George and Ria are tying the knot on Sunday! They are both from Crete which makes it the obvious wedding spot where all their family and friends can come together for the big day. Kelly and I are very honored and excited to be part of this event :).

The easiest way to get to Crete is to book a charter trip, which includes a direct flight from Sweden and a hotel at a reasonable price. We booked our trip through AirTours and are staying for a week at the Kleoniki Mare Hotel in the beautiful town of Rethymnon. The hotel is simple but nice, and only a block from the beach, so I think we will be very happy with our stay here!

Καλώς ορίσατε στην Κρήτη!




The island of Crete