Morning wash in the rapids

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

I don't think I slept many hours last night, but I still felt pretty good in the morning. The ground underneath the tent was very uneven; my hip had been lying on something hard and hurt a lot because of it. I was able to stretch it out though. On the other hand, it was amazingly quiet and peaceful, which was very pleasant when going to sleep. Just a soft murmur from the rapids in the distance, lulling me away to dreamland. It was quiet, nice and sunny when we woke up.

We had a quick rinse of the face in the river-slash-lake. Vendla wanted to go for a full swim in the rapids! It was very cold, but she did it anyway – with daddy's help of course so she didn't fall in.

There weren't quite as many mosquitoes today as last night, but still too many for comfort. We had breakfast and broke camp before more rain came in.

Morning wash in the lake
Lilla Grytsjön above the dam
Panorama of the camp (left) and the mill (right).


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