Free camping @ Skvaltkvarnen, Lilla Grytsjön

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

We got off the Wilderness Road (well, the official one at least – everything is more or less wilderness up here) and started looking for a place to camp. It was late in the afternoon and our information about the area was incomplete, as we soon realized. We tried to find either an organized camp ground or a good spot for free camping, in the area around Marsliden. Both options failed. Marsliden is located at the end of the road to Marsfjället, or as the they say themselves: "Marsliden – where the road ends and the adventure begins". This looked very promising to us.

The road to Marsliden (not my picture)

We looked around but didn't find a good place for camping, so we continued driving down another road to a place that might have potential. If that didn't work, our next step was to head back to one of the little towns we had gone through earlier. We could see a rain storm drawing closer, and it increased our sense of urgency a lot. We wanted to get our tents up before the rain came.

Our gamble paid off. We came to an old mill, "Skvaltkvarn", by the lake Lilla Grytsjön. It was adorable.

The old mill

Checking where to set up camp

Setting up camp in the rain, fighting mosquitoes…

… and it was so worth it! What a view! The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's the best I can do with the iPhone.

Kelly was so happy to find Norrlands guld ("Norrland's gold") right by the tent: hjortron! Cloudberries in English.

When we got the camp set up, we proceeded to make dinner and the sun came out 🙂 .

After dinner, I took Vendla on a troll hunt! I noticed when we arrived that there where little trolls placed around the area by the mill, so I told her that we should go looking for trolls 🙂 . She quickly got into the play and started searching for them.

This was one of the many trolls 🙂

When we had discovered all the "made up" trolls that we could find, I convinced her that not all trolls are as obvious as the one above. Some just look like rocks! According to old folklore, the trolls lived in rocks or mountains. So we went around looking for rocks that look like trolls. It was a fun imagination game. We saw the troll king, a sleeping troll woman, and lots of other ones.

Vendla and I out on a troll hunt ♥

Vendla is feeling the sleeping troll

Look! There's his nose! 🙂

There was a serious amount of mosquitoes, the most that we have encountered so far. We used mosquito repellent both on our bodies, on our clothes, and those smoking things that can be placed on a table, but it didn't make that much of a difference. They were still attacking us from everywhere, they flew into our eyes and tried to get inside our clothes. We had to give up on being outside and head for Fredrik & Camilla's tent. We sat inside there for a while, talking and making plans for tomorrow.

Lilla Grytsjön

View from up where we camped

The lake below the mill

Fjäll in the distance. It's so beautiful here! Too bad there are all those mosquitoes…

Chilling in the tent before bedtime


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