Tuesday, August 1st 2017

Today we drove part of Vildmarksvägen – the Wilderness Road. It's a 500 km long road in northern Jämtland and southern Lapland. Vildmarksvägen goes through some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes; the part we drove today went through valleys with big lakes as well as up on the fjäll above the tree line.

This is where we drove today:

Not far from Gäddede, we came to Jormvattnet. It was beautiful, but we didn't stop for any pictures so I'm borrowing this one from @marcussjogren on Instagram.

After that, we started to go up in the mountains, or fjäll as they are called here. At the Stekenjokk plateau, we did stop to take some pictures, and to have some fika. There was a bit of rain coming and going, but we timed our fika break well and had a nice time on the kalfjäll (kalfjäll is the part of a mountain that is bare ("kal"), i.e. above the tree line).

No trees, but plenty of growth anyway.

Still some snow up here in July. Fredrik and Vendla are posing 🙂

Vendla is running to Kelly

Fredrik and Vendla

Successful self portrait of all of us!

Kelly is out exploring


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