Fog & fire

Wednesday morning. It’s snowing again and the fjäll (mountain) that we see from our cabin is barely visible. Anders and I decide via text message that we’ll wait and see if it gets better later in the day. Kelly and I are feeling a little bit under the weather, with sore throats and stuffiness. Hopefully it’ll just go away and not get any worse. Some good news: a plumber and an electrician fix our water heater! And Rosario cooks a tasty breakfast :).


A slow morning turned into a slow day. Snow continued to pour down, but the forecast says tomorrow will be a better day for kiting so we have made plans with Anders to meet up at 9 in the morning. I slept for a bit and rested most of the day, because I wasn’t feeling well. I’m better now so maybe I have managed to beat this cold in its early stage (fingers crossed). Kelly was was basically in the same situation as I. Rosario has spent the whole day working on his computer, and the plumber spent a large portion of the day working on the water heater. It works now! I did cook a healthy dinner, but that’s pretty much the only productive thing that happened today. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of activity :).

Cozy fireplace in here, nice view of the ski slopes out there.


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