Beach(ed) life

Thursday and Friday were two non-diving days. It’s funny that I think about it that way. We didn’t come to Curaçao to necessarily dive every day, but once we get started it’s hard not to…

Both days started with breakfast at our favorite café in Octagon square, just below our room. We even had some entertainment from a very vocal bird…

On Thursday we then spent the whole day hanging out on the beach. Kelly had some sort of ear infection and didn’t want to get water in his ear, so he stayed on land. I went swimming and snorkeling for a bit. It was beautiful like before and I’ve become familiar with the reef at this point. I saw two trunkfish together; one little tiny one swimming after a big one! They looked something like this:


Kiruna and Christian, our German dive buddies, were supposed to come snorkeling with us on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, it became apparent how complicated life gets when you are used to constantly being available online, and then you’re not because you happen to be abroad with no wifi… Actually, Kelly and I were at the Avila Hotel all day, and there they offer wifi practically everywhere, even for the most part of the beach. Kiruna and Christian however, were out and about which meant they could only send and receive messages while being at their hotel or ours. Long story short, a bit of miscommunication made it so we missed each other completely.

Kelly and I went for another dinner at the Blues Bar on Thursday evening. This week it’s Restaurant Week in all of Willemstad with many restaurants participating, which meant that we could have a three course set menu for a very reasonable price.

On Friday, we went to check out downtown Willemstad. But I will save that for another post!




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